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Vih In China

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Yes they are active there. A crew heads over in a week for the first flying tour of the season. Good gig, bad camp worse food(usually)


NMH pranged the 205 while flying(engine failure), In about 98 or 99 I think.


VIH just had a little problem when they lifted the 205 out of the transport plane in Beijing. It went right back to Canada, OOPs

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Wasn't that about four years ago when they used a strap to lift a 205 out of a plane and the strap broke? Unfortunately, the 205 landed flat on its belly since the skid gear was off... Yep, back to Canada it went for some serious (and expensive) damage. Yikes.

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Yep thats right, about 4 years ago. It was loaded with all the spares inside as well so a lot of inertia as it hit the ground.


Sorry for my grammar in my previous post, I guess it did sound as though I said it happened lately.


About the deuce,, I don't know that for sure but the rumour mill is flying around quite nicely.

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