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Hey all, I just got back from a contract down in the Maldives and boy what a zoo that place is these days. Mondays are the busiest days with both TMA and MAT flying everything they have to the max. What a zoo that place can be when you have 15 or more Twin Otters (I believe there are 28 in country right now) all converging on the airport at the same time... Not to say how it is when the weather is marginal which can make it a lot more interesting.. It's quite amazing that the controllers and pilots all seem to make it happen with few problems considering that the controllers have no radar and most flights converge on the 3 standard reporting points when inbound.


Combine this with the inbound and outbound heavies and turboprops that seem to pick the busiest times to come and go and you have quite an amazing situation.


It is quite the sight to see, the odd time when most of both fleets are at the main bases.. Seeing upwards of 20 Twin Otters all in one place is an amazing sight!! But then of course, we all knew that with 3 heavies that just landed at the same time that we would all be trying to leave at the same time and the circus begins again... :wacko:



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Guest graunch1

Reminds me of Inuvik in the early 70s when there would be 20+ Twin Otters in town plus an equal number of helicopters ranging from B47s,206s,AIIs,205s and the occasional 61. Of course I'm guessing the Maldives were a tad warmer but didn't have a YEV equivenelent of the Zoo :P

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