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Helmet Or Headset?

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i prefer a helmet and have only worn a headset on one occasion since i landed my first job. my first employer said it was company policy to wear a helmet and i have gotten used to it and now feel naked without. then again he insisted on not putting bubble windows in his machines (500's) and so at all times of year we had to struggle with opening the door and looking out and down. i know it sounds crazy (and it is!), especially when the lovely cold snap of -35+ starts in northern alberta. i could not imagine just wearing headsets under those conditions. it would really be unpleasent and dangerous when you were slightly out of wind and the friggin door blew closed on your head. no wonder he only took on new guys as i know of no one who would voluntarily subject themselves to that kind of crap. another benefit i have heard of is that helmets are good for noise attenuation as they cover the nape of you neck which is where a lot of high frequency noise will penetrate and over prolonged periods may lead to hearing loss.

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Many years in fixed-wing all I wore was David Clarke's, even through heli school too, but after I put my forst helmet on - NEVER going back.


SO much quiter, comfortable and affordable.... Err, forget the last comment! Seriousl though, it's worth every penny and I spent quite a few on the right one for me. Fatigue after a long day is noticable reduced over the headset.



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