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Helicopters Canada


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Hey guys,


Helicopters Canada located in North Bay, Ont. I did a search for it and came up with a couple threads were a few mentioned they attended. I was wondering who else attended there? Recently would be better but regardless I'd like to hear your experience.


You hear more about Gateway or now Essential Helicopters which is just around the corner from them. Kind of curious why I don't hear as much about Helicopters Canada? Is there reasons for this?



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I graduated Helicopters Canada about 8-9 years ago. It was a great school, trying to think off some negatives but nothing is coming to mind. The students were able to start anytime of the year, which worked great as some guys were more advanced and were able to get finished quicker. Nice size airport to train at, not overwhelming with traffic. There classroom is right in the airport and the hangar is a 30 second walk from there. I know an operator next door has been hiring some of there graduates recently.

I got my licence around the same time as another guy in the class and we are both still flying.


I guess you just hear more about Gateway and now Essential as they run the Canadore program which has been around forever.

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Thanks for the response.


Ya that sounds pretty good to me. Did you get a job right out of school? Did they assist in that search?


I'm hard working, and would be dedicated to it but it's quite scary taking out that big of a financial burden and not having a job afterwards.



Looking/hoping for more feedback. Don't be shy!

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Do your research! Keep in mind that this industry is tough to say the least. Very tough!! What is that statistic....? something like only 10% of graduates actually fly for a living. That's huge when it comes to investing that much money into something.I know I wouldn't enjoy paying such a loan off for something I'll never use again.


Flying helicopters is a lifestyle, something you can't be without. Most hired are because of who they are and the passion they possess. A lot is based on personality in my experience.


Don't forget.. schools are a business and they will talk the talk to get you in and then out the door, that's the reality. They rely on your money to survive. So be careful where you choose to spend your money. Remember it's your money and lots of it, try to get the very most out of it that you can. Flying helicopters is extremely cool and very exciting, but research well and go for the school that prepares you the most for industry standards. Many schools will say these things but not deliver. Be careful......!


Not to bash anyone, but I would head west and train in the mountains where most of the industry is. The program at Canadore is trying to do their best to prepare you for real life expectations but who ever is been running it lately comes up short in many aspects plus the administration is a joke! It truly has little to do with the actual College anymore. Private operator umbrellaed under Canadore. Very mom and pop so I've heard.


Never heard anything bad about Canada Helicopters other than 22"s...... yikes! ... but again that's for $$ reasons.


Good luck

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