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Alpha Eagle Helmet?

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Guest bag swinnger

yeah I bought a new piece of flannel (diaper) cut it to fit and used some upholsters spray glue out of a can to stick it on the inside of the visor. It has lasted for many years scratch free...

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Does anybody body have a solution for the outer sun visor scratching against the carbon fibre outer shield? My shaded visor constantly gets scratches on it and there doesn't seem to be any adjustments.


Another option you may consider is to remove the carbon outer cover. I found it to be bulky and it was constantly banging against the door frame when getting my head in position for long line work.

I removed mine and purchased the cloth snap on cover which is soft felt on the inside. No more banging on the door frame, makes the helmet lighter, and have not scratched the visor at all with over 4 years of use.

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