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Spar Straps


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Guest Airplay

I think it's on condition. You need to replace it when the wings fall off....




Seriously though, it's not part of the basic airplane. It's installed as a modification. Unless someone else has other information, I think it's on condition. Obviously you have to inpect it once in awhile for damage.

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On 4/15/2003 12:13:20 PM C-FCRA wrote:


How many hours can you put on a spar strap before you have to replace it on a BE99 or BE10?



It all depends on who''s straps you have.. Are they Beech, or are they STC''D ones.. You would have to contact the manufacturer of the strap kit for this kind of information..



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spar starps.....arggghh

My Air Tractor turbine came new from the factory with a winglife of 14000 hrs, this droped down to 5800 hrs about a year ago, and in January this year another AD was issued that brought it down to 1650 hrs. Right now it seems that the only remedy is to have the factory install a spar cap, but still there is no guarantee that this will fix the problems. I wish I wouldn''t have the bird now, but hindsight is always 20-20

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