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Just want to know if any of the AMEs on the board have any experience around them. Current employer is looking into snapping up a couple of em, and am curious to know what they are like to work on and around, as well as any common recurring problems with them (from a maintenance standpoint).

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spent 2 years overhauling them: like the airplane a lot.


very much like the dash 8: built as a workhorse, has some quirks, no worse than any other A/C.


reliable engines, cheap interiors, lots of re-racking to fix avionic problems.tires don''t seem to last as long as they should, and rims and bolts need NDT at every tire change.corrosion around the steps and cargo door to watch out for. door closing mechanism is a bit finicky.


cockpit is a bit cramped if you have to work under the floor, but lots of room up through the nose door for behind the instruments.


belly is close to the ground, so it''s worthwhile to apply the rubber padding on the underbelly (particularly if your a northern operator). specs call for that cancerous yellow lubricant (mastinox) on lots of major bolts, so don''t forget to wear your gloves...


let me know if your still looking for people, I would like to wrench on them again...

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Sounds much like any other airplane, and I have heard from a few places that they are pretty nice to work on. We would be installing gravel kits on them, and we had one that came through on a trial run for us that had a kit installed. Didn't look like much, just a big pad on the forward belly, but some of the strips we get into are not friendly to aluminum.


Macgyver, sorry to say we are not currently seeking anyone, but historically we have had a high turnover rate. If you are interested in getting a resume on file in case something opens up, feel free to PM me and I will pass along some info for you.

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