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Bc Forest Service

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So......Exactly how many accidents have these 500 hour (and it's 250 hours BTW + a 13 hour specific training course) people had in the past 18 months the new HQ policy has been in effect ?


Answer: None, otherwise the program would have been halted. This is the first instance in a long time where responsibility for determining pilot suitability to specific taskings has been put back into the hands of Ops Mgrs and CP's, where it belongs, rather than in the hands of know-it-all aviation consultants and insurance adjusters. And it isn't just the C2C roup and CHL taking advantage of it. Just about every operator working with Hydro-Quebec is as well. This program, put forth by the AQTA (Quebec Air Transporter's Association), applies to both fixed and rotary wing. I'm in the process of getting carded myself... :up:


If the same kind of program is being put into place out west, it'll make life a little better for all low-timers...


Is your beef with "the eastern czar" or with low-timers finally getting a fair shake ?



Now that you have made it back from "Redneck" country", Welcome Back.


I wasn't aware of Hydro Quebec's minimums.


Probably one of the largest user's of helicopters in Canada over the years, had somebody on staff with some common sense.


When I was with "Autair" we had the contract for over ten years and I was one of the pilots out of Quebec City & Forestville doing power line for years.


Good bunch to work with and what the pilot said was adhered to, without any questions. We had direct radio "FM" contact with Montreal at all times, anywhere in the province.


I wish you all the success you can handle and you will be amazed at how easy it is to fly the power line, or work the power line, using your super human piloting abilities. Remember you will probably make only one mistake near a power line.


Always be aware of the highest tower in your vicinty, especially at cross overs. Make sure you are higher than the highest tower.

Ground wires run from tower to tower, at the highest point.


Did you have any luck with the company I gave you.


Anyhow, goodluck and fly safe.


Cheers, Don

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