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Thttps://forums.verticalmag.com/topic/31200-tsb-report-a21c0038/SB Report A21C0038

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Tried to copy the link but the report is very interesting to read. As my original IP like to quote, learn from the mistakes of others as you don't have enough time to make them all yourselves... Read with an open mind and NOT well, I would never do that... Thank you to a lost brother for educating us... 🙁👍


ps. guess it worked after all....

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The first time I flew with IFR capable instruments while training at night in the black was an eye opening experience. With training I became confident that I’d be able to have a chance at saving myself if I ever got myself IIMC. We should have all read 178 seconds to live in recurrent training, it doesn’t have to be like that. With terrain avoidance, a rad alt, a decent artificial horizon and practice to properly use the technology, lives could be saved and some tragedies such as this avoided. I agree with the TSB recommendation of giving the VFR helicopter pilots in Canada a safer cockpit and more training. It’s always terrible that these conversations happens due to lives lost. RIP brothers.

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