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BHT 222U Rotor Blade Tap Test for Voids??


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Lacking extensive background in composite structures inspection, Where can I access information on the tools and techniques used to properly identify voids in these types of blades.


I have seen inspectors in the U.S.Army use 'Tapping Tools' to inspect for debonding of honeycomb structures in OH-58's. Does the same rules apply for the structure of 'Deuce'Blades? I know anything is possible with time and money, and I have darn little of both, but I do love helicopters and would really appreciate some enlightenment on the subject. Thanks!!

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Now this screams "FLY BY NIGHT" operation.

I wonder though, should all of this information not already be available to you in the maintenance manuals???


The comment about the heavy maintenance not possible on a regular basis scares me. If I have sent you a resume in the past looking for work, could you please tear it up, I''m having second thoughts....

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