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License Conversion?


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I am from germany and I am interested in the flying conditions in Canada. I have a german private license and a FAA comercial helicopter license with a total time of 200 hours of R-22 and Schweizer 300. What will I need for a conversion of my license? What will I need for a canadian flight instructor license? Is CFI the typical beginner job in Canada like in the USA? Please give me a little insight in the canadian industry.

Thanks in advance

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Well, you'll need to do an Air Law written, and a flight test for the commercial. As for instructing, 250 hrs is the minimum requirement for an instructors rating in Canada (FYI a CFI here is the Chief Flight Instructor). You will also require a work permit.


Generally speaking, here in Canada instructing is not used as a time building job as far as flying helicopters is concerned. There are some who do, but in general most instructors have several years of operational flying before getting their instructors rating.



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You will be have to sit the whole commercial written (all sections) then the flight test. You must then submitt all you logs so Transport can audit your hours and amke sure you meet the specified flight requirments.


not that hard. I spent a day reviewing the practice exams, went in the next morning and score a 85 overall.


Jobs are not that easy, you may think of getting a J1 visa in the usa to finish your training then you can work for another year on that visa as a cfi. Plenty of those jobs if you can live on peanuts and are willing to go anywhere. You may get lucky in Canada and end up with a job right after your cpl. That seems to be the exception.



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