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Instrument Or Mountain Course

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No need to get your tit in a ringer about my first reply, don't forget you asked for opinions in your original post, I just happened to give you one point of view.


Twitch I am really sorry. I did not mean to be rude but funny. In my spar time I am a sit down comedian he he he.


I was stupid not to do the IR training in US and now I have to pay for that and was just asking.


Hope you can forgive me?

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Lets try it this way. If you want to fly in the rock pile in Canada in a Jet box, Astar, 120, 204, 205, 500 etc... get the mtn course best training you will ever do (if you get the right course). If as you say you don't want to fly a bus... 212, 76, 61, 332, 92... don't bother with the IFR its a waste of time and it won't help you become a good mtn pilot all that much. Learning how to do a good contour crawl is not a big priority in the IFR world!


And after reading this for several times I know how stupid the question is/was.

I can see I have a lot of thinking to do :)



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