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Ifr Training In The States

Guest plumber

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If you do an IFR rating in the states is it valid in Canada? If not do you have to do the whole thing over again in Canada?




What you do have to complete is the INRAT exam. This is the plain jane canadian IFR exam. Read the AIM RAC section, and some of the other stuff, as well as the CAP GEN.


ALSO have to do an IFR Ride, which is not too bad, 1 (or 2) non-precision approaches, holding, 1 precision approach and a missed approach.


You WILL need to study for the INRAT, as it is a tad difficult, particularily with regards to differences, such as departure minimums, approach ban, Planning minimums and so on.


Also for the practical, this seems to be a good memory aid with regards to Comms failure, I learned this a few years ago from someone WAY more experienced than I may ever be...






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