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Alpha 200/eagle

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Hi all,


Just checked with a company in the States that deals in Alpha Helmets and the guy asked if I had heard of the Eagle, apparently an upgrade/replacement of the A 200. It's lighter and with a few other design features. They're the same $$$, so if I can get some info before commintting, I's apprecitate it. I already know it fits very well.


Oh, single or dual visor? Thoughts?


Thanks again,



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Gidday Bunny,


I actually have one of the Eagles at work at the moment. I called that chap Nigel and he sent one for trial. It is a very light helmet and my cojoe with the Gallet commented that it was lighter than his. He also paid $3200, whereas the Alpha is only about $1800. I really like it and probably will order one soon. If you want to join forces we will get a better price. I know a few other lads who are dead keen as well.


I have been using the old Alpha 200 and wouldn't ever go back to the Gentex. It is a great piece of kit and I have seen it save a life. Not that there is anything wrong with the Gentex but the Alpha is better.


For the new guys who are out there: I have a Alpha 200 for sale. It is good condition with no scratches, dual visor and the military grey colour. It isn't a military helmet but simply an option you can take. Yours for $900 with new ear seals, cleaned with fitting kit (my head size is 57cms and the helmet is a Large) to space it to your nut. Get some cheap protection: collective_bias@hotmail.com


Cheers :blink:

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Who, how and the numbers for contact if ya get a moment.


I gave been wearing the Alpha for the past 8 years and swear by it, but if they have something newer and lighter I am keen on having a look.


For those interested, I have two, yellow, single visor, dirty, stinky, and have the crap smashed outa them.......but I will sell them for, lets say $890 :P :up: :up:

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Guest bag swinnger

I have been using the eagle since the end of the summer.

I received one with early serial numbers so it was kind of a prototype and there were a few teething problems with parts that had to be replaced, but it has been a nice helmet and quiet.

A friend just bought one with the noise cancelling and says that it is very nice and works well but $3,000.00can is pretty steep, mine worked out to about $2,000.00can including tax.

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Guest bag swinnger

ask for nigel

For Sales and Service in USA, Canada, and South and Central America:


P.O. Box 3275, Mooresville, NC 28117 USA

Tel: 704 664 7377 Fax: 704 664 7316 E-mail: helmetsusa@aol.com

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