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Atlantic AME Conference - May 1-2-3 St-John''s NFLD


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Ok, as per some requests, I''ve been asked to start up this topic and ask if any of ya are going?  I''ll be there, got to do an exhibitor thing there as well.  Another great opportunity to get together, share a few laughs, stories etc... I''m arriving April 30th, leaving May 4th.


Now Mister Louie, I hope you come so we may swap tapes (I''ll loan you what''s her name if you loan me your Tommy Hunter!)  Let me know if thats an agreeable proposition, cause I''ll have to go out and buy one of what''s her name''s ! 

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Hey Biggster,

Tommy Hunter is in the vault of Canadian Fame..it will take an act of Parliament to get it out.. or a few beers...

got lots of Stompin Tom though .. " Bud the spud from the bright red mud"




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Mr RDM, Moderator Sir:  How ''bout CTD, there''s a guy with a rather impressive ability to speak   (not to mention his big mouth!!!) or **** even Mr. Facts (where did he go?!!!) . 


Well Louweeeeeee, seems like you, hvychop and I will have to fend for our own. Could get ugleeeeee !

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By''s......drove by da warf t''day and da "Newfie Jigger" wus just dockin, fresh flippers were on sale fer $15.00 a dozen or 12 fer $20.00......so I had dem but 3 dozen on ice till ya gits here. (saved 15 bucks)


again sarry I will not make da time as i will be busy in the humilator, oops meant simulator.....


remember all to take care of "big Mel", and any stories he may tell about the YYT to YOW trip in the 212 are all untrue.



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