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Rosty After 4 Years


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Hi there!


Is it normal after not flying for more then 4 years being a 100 hour pilot that you have to start almost from the beginning!

maybe someone was in the same position as I'm now and have some sort of advicement???????

Thank's in advanced


Toni :(

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Hello Toni,


It is perfectly normal. Had many guys who had not flown in years sit along side of me, and within a hour or two with very little help were right back in the groove.


Do not sweat it, it will come back quickly. One tip though, if your going to do some reccurrent, only do a hour a day. Anymore then that and you are wasting your jink.

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Hey Toni,


You are not alone!!!


I was going through exact same thing when a person not a company decided to give me a break. I'm sure everyone involved in my first endorsement on a 206 and PPC ride questioned if I had ever really gone to flight school!! :wacko:


Just relax, use all the controls as gently as possible and try to be smooth. Don't rush anything and don't be hard on yourself.


Good luck,


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I understand your situation. Kinda in it myself. I did some flying recently and the best advice I can give you is to not think to much about flying. Go over the flight manual briefly but don't become obsessed. And on the day of your flying tell yourself that you did this before and that you know that you can fly the machine. I studied like crazy once only to later that day fly like crap, but when I did it just for fun and to get the hang of things I did awsome. I took off with no assistance, was a little over agressive with the cyclic while flying but got the hang of things, and was shooting approaches to a small pad that was like a confined area. It was great! And don't be worried about radio procedures and sounding a little rusty....there just people on the other side......just act natural. And tell yourself that you are going to fly the machine, don't let your fear overcome you. Just go have some fun! Afterall this is what flying is all about. :up: :up:

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