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B212 Vs. B205-a1

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Vibrator I think there was 16 of em', cause when I closed one eye there was only 8...fast times at Ridge Mount High, LOL! :lol:


I stand corrected...So the 205B can only longline 5000 lbs. in beside the skiers that the 212 dropped off. Ah well, win some loose some. ;)


There was this one time at band camp, a seasoned 205B driver was hauling water bladders in support of the triples drilling for gas in the Ladyfern patch. The B had so much power the **** thing was ripping the straps right out of the bladders and they were falling off!!! :o


The guy was so smooth and fast I though it was "Squrtis" Savidan. Like a ghost in the night - he vanished. Next thing ya know there's these unexplainable blackouts half way around the world, and the Alberta Spruce Moose population is on the increase! :P



"Not a problem here Officer...!!!" ;)

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Vibrator, my turn. While reading your post I noted an anomaly...



You said that at 54 psi or 100 % torque the engines are producing 1250 or 1290 shp.

This is incorrect.


At 54 psi and 100% torque your transmissions are receiving 1250 and 1290 shp.



Torque is measured from the engine or cbox systems but is a airframe limitation not an engine perameter.


Deration occurs from the engine manufacture via the FCU and airframe deration occurs thru the TQ gage for most aircraft.


...a three hour tour... a three hour tour... ;)

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Well little buddy, we are starting to delve into the realm of semantics here. If, as you stated, the transmissions are receiving 1250 or 1290 HP respectively, then, one must surmise, they must be receiving that HP from the engines, which must, by extension, be producing the stated HP. I bet you can't compose a sentence with that many commas!


And by the way, the water bladder fell off because the keeper jammed in the up position... a fact confirmed by the water truck driver when I landed... who briefed that guy anyway? And as for unexplainable power outages... there're spruce moose outside of Alberta!



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Ah comma master, 2/3 's of all the hp produced by a turbine engine is used just to spin the compressor. Anyway...


But enough of that, seeing how you have masterd punctuation and its many uses, I would have stuck with the 205B raw horsepower story. Sounds more macho than a whimpy keeper story! ;)


Wonder how we would have made out with Ginger and Mary Ann instead of the Professor? :huh:


Another one of Yali's pultizer prize winning questions...

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