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520n Aca Approval

Guest Bullet Remington

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I would say Marc is right. Under CARS with the training you have the grandfather clause works. Whether its right or wrong, CARS say you can do it. My concern would be the liability of signing it out under you AME license. I would personally make sure you document exactly what revisions of manuals you are using and where you borrowed them from. Also document any special tools you borrowed.

Cover your A$$ right..


I have never worked on a 520 so I cannot say how different a beast it really is. I would say its probably closer to the f model than a D/E with the longer blades and beefed up components. If I were the owner of said machine I think I would be using an AMO to due the annual and 100hr. I am sure you are more than competent to do the inspection but why take the risk. Spend a million on and aircraft but refuse to spend an extra $30 bucks an hour to get it inspected is kind of sad.


Whatever the CARS rules are about type certificates and prior to 1999 grandfather clauses, what is your experience level with the Notar. Do you feel comfortable signing it out. I would suggest if you are going to due the import, either find an AME with 520 experience `to work with or work with an AMO with the appropriate rating. Im sure someone on this site could help you out.



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I would think that technically you can if they are of the same type certificate, this same discussion has happened between the bell series also and if you go even deeper you'll find that some type courses don't have a t.c. number therefore making them not an approved course. Not sure about the current MD courses though.


Wise man once said it's easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.


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