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What does it take?

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Well, Here we go with this forum!


What are the requirements for the aerobatics rating? What are the privelages and how do you get one? Yuo can take passengers up right? With this licence, can you fly in airshows or must you have a CPL also ?


Smooth skies,


Dan :D

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you asked...''What does it take?''


There is no rating available, or required, to perform aerobatics in Canada. There are ratings available to give aerobatic instruction. Basically one gives you the privelege to teach aerobatics, while the other allows you teach others aerobatic instruction techniques. These exist both for gliders and powered aircraft.


As far as performing aerobatics with a passenger on board goes, a private pilot can do it provided he/she has adequate training and/or experience with aerobatics. This is, relatively speaking, a new rule from when many of us learned to fly. The numbers allude me right now, but I think it''s ten hours instruction and/or twenty hours of performance although don''t quote me on that. Check the CARs.


Can you fly in airshows, or do you need a CPL? Well, that depends on whether you want to get paid or not. In reality, by the time you can fly aerobatics competently, confidently, and safely at an airshow level, you will have at least several hundred hours of aerobatic time so the CPL should just be a formality at that point anyway. Any major airshow promoter will require an ACE card entitling you to perform at airshows, at various altitudes, and Transport Canada will want to give you some paper too if you like to go low.


Dedication, hard-work, and cajones are all important, but you need a mount, and the money to run it before you''ll ever get near an airshow. $100,000 is probably the absolute bare-bones, minimum price of admission to the game. However, if you want it bad enough, and you don''t kill yourself trying, it can be done.


That''s what it takes.

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There are many schools that will provide aerobatic instruction throughout the country. Just do a little research and you''ll find some near where you live.


Make sure that you''re familiar with the CARS before you go and take people for aerobatic rides. I''ll list some of the more pertinent ones; ( found at http://www.tc.gc.ca/aviation/REGSERV/CARAC...602e.htm#602_01 )


Reckless or Negligent Operation of Aircraft


602.01 No person shall operate an aircraft in such a reckless or negligent manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger the life or property of any person.


Aircraft Operating Limitations

602.07 No person shall operate an aircraft unless it is operated in accordance with the operating limitations


(a) set out in the aircraft flight manual, where an aircraft flight manual is required by the applicable standards of airworthiness;


(B) set out in a document other than the aircraft flight manual, where use of that document is authorized pursuant to Part VII;


© indicated by markings or placards required pursuant to section 605.05; or


(d) prescribed by the competent authority of the state of registry of the aircraft.


Minimum Altitudes and Distances


Permissible Low Altitude Flight



Aerobatic Manoeuvres - Prohibited Areas and Flight Conditions


602.27 No person operating an aircraft shall conduct aerobatic manoeuvres


(a) over a built-up area or an open-air assembly of persons;



(B) in controlled airspace, except in accordance with a special flight operations certificate issued pursuant to section 603.67;


© when flight visibility is less than three miles; or



(d) below 2,000 feet AGL, except in accordance with a special flight operations certificate issued pursuant to section 603.02 or 603.67.



Aerobatic Manoeuvres with Passengers


602.28 No person operating an aircraft with a passenger on board shall conduct an aerobatic manoeuvre unless the pilot-in-command of the aircraft has engaged in


(a) at least 10 hours dual flight instruction in the conducting of aerobatic manoeuvres or 20 hours conducting aerobatic manoeuvres; and


(B) at least one hour of conducting aerobatic manoeuvres in the preceding six months.







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