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Looking For Tent Stove Name

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If you get a hold of one of the outfitters in Yellowknife that supply all the exploration camps, they should be able to give you brand names and models and prices.

I don't remember those guys names but B&B rings a bell and there's also an old outfit in "old town" but I forget the name.

Call the stores guy at Great Slave Helicopters and he should be able to steer you in the right direction. :D

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They are called Yukon stoves, but are hard to find. I suspect they were banned by the Kyoto Accord.

For home I suggest you get a small generator......it will have alot more uses than a Yukon stove.

For the hangar I suggest you get a gasoline powered/diesel fired Aerotech Herman Nelson. It could heat the hangar when the power goes out, or be taken to the field for winter and/or maintenance jobs etc. etc.

Stay warm.

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laminated -------- what we had eons ago were called 'space heaters' and that may/may not be what you are referring to. Who they were made by escapes me now, but I do know that they were made by one of the big heating manufacturers like GE, Carrier,etc. A check with some HACV outlets might lead you to what you want, if you can describe it to them. Barring that, you can do what I did. Keep your eyes open for some garage being torn down and find out where the heater went. Mine cost me $300 installed, hangs up in the corner out of the way and costs little to operate because it puts out enough heat that I don't have to have any kind of high heat setting at all.

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