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120 X 4 = 480


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<_<  <_<  hmmmmmm... night vfr over long, dark expanses of unpopulated border stretches.... piston vs turbine.... hmmmmmm.

actually the 480 is the turbine they developed to compete for the armed forces training helicopter program which was won by another helicopter. Funnily enough the requirement for having a 3rd pilot be able to observe the flight was met giving him access to a video as an important parts of the structure blocked the view , this idea was shelved after most of the pilots got airsick trying to watch the video , the losing contenders ( AS350 , Enstrom 480 and the Schweizer 333 all met this requirement ) .A clue the winning entry began with a b and ended with an l.

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:) just shows to go ya what little i know about my new models... just assumed it was a piston enstrom cuz that's what york had prior to their ec120 purchase... vellly intelesting indeed... possibly the bottom line being their satisfaction to date with all their astars!!??
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Pretty scary when the CEO of a company attempts to come out ahead by using mainly racist/xenophobic arguments against the competition. :unsure:


The US has been pushing for globalization and free trade for decades, but it seems they feel the rules don't/shouldn't apply to them. :down:


What goes around comes around... <_<

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