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Canadian License

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I am also lead to believe...transport now says, that to have a a ATPL qualifying (twin engine, 2 pilot) PPC ....you have to be an employee of said company.


If true, that narrows it down to .....um, medivac, and about 3 companies in all of Canada.


Does that sound right?

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I haven't flown commercially in Canada in many years but I imagine the list is a little longer than 3. Examples include...

- Helijet (scheduled airline, charter and air ambulance)
- London Air Services (charter)
- STARS (air ambulance)
- Canadian Helicopters (air ambulance 76 EMS in Halifax and VIP Quebec)
- Helicopter Transport Services (North Warning contract)
- ORNGE (air ambulance)
- Cougar (offshore and SAR)
- CHC Global Ops (still with some operational control in Vancouver)

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Sorry, I read it that you thought there were only 3 total.


None of those companies are going to expect you to have a PPC upon hire; if you get the nod they're going to give you training and a ride. That's the norm.


Your vfr background, attitude, perceived ability to upgrage to captain etc....all hold a lot more weight then a current PPC especially when you haven't been using it operationally.



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