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Landing Areas In Kimberley Bc

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Probably not a night where I'll get a lot of response, but I may be making a unplanned trip to southern BC on New Year's Day and I was hoping o land in Kimberley. Anyone know of any "legal" place I could set down without spending a day in jail ?. I know Cranbrook is an option, but looking at getting in a bit closer. Thanks

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It's pretty sparse around there if I recall. It's been a few years since I flew in that area, you should be able to find something. Failing that I've always had good luck by calling nearby golf courses or even the resort. May be tough to get ahold of anyone on New Years morning but try calling the ski resort ski patrol they probably have a spot they use frequently.

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Thanks for the reply. I did end up doing the trip today, and it was clear blue skies all the way to the Valley where Kimberley and Cranbrook lie (Columbia Valley??). We found a way through the cloud at the edge of the valley and landed at the Government yards on the Northeast side of town. Thanks for the help.

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