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Newbee Question #2

Jay Flight

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If anyone has done their commercial training with the Buttonville Canadian Helicopters school I'm curious to know about how long it would take to finish given that I've got the cash for regular training.  I'm starting in mid June and and hoping to finish around the time the hiring season is starting.


COTW - don't forget that there are 2 other flight schools in Toronto area (Silverline and National Helicopters) both of which are much lower priced and both offering accommodation (I think) than Canadian. Sometimes it pays to look around a bit!


Good luck- it's all just beginning! :up:

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I've visited both of those schools and have picked Canadian for a number of reasons. I'm now offically a student of Canadian Helicopters and will be starting full time on July 4th :up: I should be finished around Christmas...I think that means I'll be in good shape to make all the interviews possible for the 2006 hiring season. Now I'm trying to figure out how to plan a road trip...

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