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Slinging Explosives

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Gentlemen, finally got the classification of the explosives...looks like there should be no problem with the dynamite....but the dets???


Explosives: UN 0241, class 1.1D

Detonators are 1.4B, UN No. 0255 - electric seismic detonators.


The Dets are the white ones, shunted from the manufacturer and in a wooden crate. We have a 150' spectra line as well as 50' steel cable. The humitity is very high right now, lotsa rain and high temps, so dust shouldn't be a problem (static)


Again, I really appreciate the sharing of expertise here. Thanks...I'll be keeping an eye out for anymore information.


Cheers from Africa!


PS - Now our internet is a little more reliabe...I found a website with heaps of info in plain language on explosives.



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Well if you are in Africa - Canada derogations do not apply and according to IATA DG regs Sect 4 - identification:

Page 180 UN 0241 Forbidden on both Pax and Cargo A/C

Page 165 UN 0255 Forbidden on Pax A/C up to 75 KG on cargo A/C


Does the local govn't have specific rules?


That being said a lot of folks have spent a lot of time safely slinging explosives around.


Most African nations are VERY VERY paranoid about anyone slinging / carrying / even being in control of anything that can go bang.

I would make very sure that the local govn't was aware and have given permission for the activity - in writing!


If I am too late I hope you have not, in the meantime, set any new "time to climb" records and / or are not in the local jail! :rolleyes:

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A little more research revealed the exemption used to carry 1.1 and 1.4 is valid for Canada only.....we're now figuring out whether a load carried on a line constitutes carriage. One thing we don't have to worry about where were operating...is government. There is no real effective government here!..Just our good will and sense of professionalism!

So to answer the questions...we haven't set any new time to height records and the customer still awaits an answer as he drives the stuff around in bouncy, jouncy Hi-Lux !!..oh yeah...glad I'm not in that truck!

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