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Cheap 1/4" Torque Wrench For The Apprentices


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and whats with this "cheap tools for the apprentice" crap? All the apprentices I know have their boxes jam packed with snap-on (i'm sure courtesy of Mommy/Daddy)



Most of the tech schools these days offer discounts at Snap on for students, When I was in tech school they offered 50% off an unlimited amount, so I purchased all my basic hand tools, and I still have them.


There is somthing to be said about quality.


Just my opinion

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Cheaper tools do the job until you need them most and that is where a quality tool (whichever brand you like) keeps going. Standing on the wet roof of an A/C pulling on a tight fastener is where you need quality. A good quality 12 point socket will last forever even with mild abuse. Good tools can be handed down a generation as well. Theft is always my biggest worry and insurance would be a whole thread on its own.

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my princess auto one calibrated the same for 5 yrs at least.and proto are the best as per the guy that does them daily..As far as quality,I started in 60;s with Gray from Canadian tire,but their quality is now crap..But I only broke one socket in my life,and that was a 13/16ths plug socket on a wheel nut,so I had it coming.

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Guest Bullet Remington

Lamie, I got ya beat!! After 30 ++ years I've busted two! And not unlike you, t'was my own fault! Broke a 5/8 socket pulling the frame to engine mounts on an old F-150 (changed the engine from the factory installed 360 to a 302.


And last nite busted a 15 mm while changing the rear seal, clutch and pressure plate, and oil cooler gaskets on a Toyauto Four Runner! Of course the impact wrench might have made a slight contribution as well.


As for the "cheapie" stuff, I have a digital vernier from princess Aero, had it calibrated twice in the last 8 years, (it's self zeroing and doesn't require calibration) and it is more accurate than the 4 Mitoyo s I own!


Torque Wrenches, I have two I bought from Acklands 15 years ago, they're better than the four Snap On's I have! The Snap On's have been adjusted 4 times. the Ackland's have never required adjustment.


Speaking of calibrations of "precision measuring equipment, Does anybody do their own calibration in-house of does everybody still send them out??


Just curious, after the last bill, over a grand, I'm doing mine in house!


Anybody have comments on this, suggestions???

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Is it not a legal requirement to have calibrations of equipment done externally?


Spent $600 of my companies money having 3 pieces of equipment calibrated.


As for tools, when I signed up with BA, we were issued a 3 drawer tool chest that had, spanners (Wrencehs to you North Americans), screwdrivers, wire twisting pliers and a snap on ratcheting screwdriver plus some other stuff. All of which had to be returned upon leaving or finishing the training.


Most of the the guys I worked with started stocking up on Snap On but I was never a huge fan (although do own the ratchet screwdriver).


Now I have to buy a full set of field service tools to fill up my suburbam, it's costing me an arm and a leg. Quite like Bahco Tools (Division of Snap On, bought by them in 99), used them since my apprentice days and find the, tough and comfortable to use.

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Guest graunch1

Best tool deals ever were around 1980 when the govt was paying 50% back for metric tools. The friendly Mac and Snap-on guys in YYC made a fortune selling metric tool boxes, screwdrivers,hammers, etc :)


also the company I worked for at the time also paid you %50 of what your tool bill was so in effect a %75 discount or if you worked the numbers right %100 off. B)

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