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Sorry gents.....I'm from a "different age" and a "different crowd". I did my "learning to fly" on a F/W BEFORE I continued that learning on a R/W. I did that because I had no choice nor did anyone else. Reason being, that at one time you had to have logged 250 Hrs. of F/W PIC BEFORE you could start your course for a R/W endorsement. Ergo, AP's were not "a strange or unknown bedfellow" to a wider range of pilots then, compared to now and were their workings were far better understood as a result.


Under certain conditions and with certain a/c I have no problem with SIFR. I've also seen SIFR where there was a Capt. and a FO onboard.......because they weren't getting along or hated each others guts. I also know of an a/c "going in" in an emergency even though it could have been kept in the air on one engine and it did so for no other reason other than the two "Professionals" on the flightdeck had an argument over "procedures".


Lastly, when I was referring to "my version" of an AP, I was referring to using that "autopilot" for cross-country flights and NOTHING else! I use SCAS, SAS or the "normal form" of AP in the same manner. :D

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Now you are talking about CRM. That is valid with regards to the use of Automation but not to the extent you refer.


The modern AP ie SPZ7600 with Honeywell EFIS is the best friend you and your crew can have. When used correctly along with good CRM, this can be the best thing since sliced bread.


I too come from an earlier breed but have always been receptive to new ideas, ie. I bought my first PC in 1983 (Apple II +) and still use it as a door stop.


I have always tried to advance myself when it comes to automation. I laugh at people my age scrambling to catch up and feel they are computer literate because they know how to use e-mail! What a joke!







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B) I have never been one to back down from a challenge so here I am again. Having come from the frozen north I think I am well versed in most of the types of flying done in that great country. That being said I am in the mist of changing from off-shore to ems. First I have been known to have flown off-shore 164 nautical miles (thats 180 stature miles for you land lubbers) in a single engine 206L and a 407. Does this seem sane no and when I asked my boss why we do this his reply was we have always done it and I replyed ya but does it make it right? I will now be flying a single engine a/c none ifr and night flying when called to do so. Does this make me stupid? Not if you are confident in your abilties and using common sense. Touch wood I have never had an engine spool down on my while flying. Todays a/c are very reliable and if you read the incident reports the engines were all running when any accidents occured. I will keep you posted on my progress down here and yes I have flown EMS with the humming bird out of Sudbury so EMS is not new to me.

PS I negotiated my own deal starting pay $10,000 more per annum that I was making at PHI and got a $5000 sign on bonus just for my good looks ha ha.


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