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I''ll have the Sig Sauer... (thanks)

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here's the latest proposal for ensuring the safety of pax on Canadian airlines (!!!???)...



Air crews look at martial arts





TORONTO -- Martial arts star Jackie Chan had better move on over. More than 20,000 Canadian pilots and flight attendants may soon join their U.S. colleagues in obtaining martial arts training to protect themselves and passengers in the air.


"We are firmly in favour of martial arts training," said Art LaFlamme of the Air Line Pilots Association.


"Flight crews should be trained to defend themselves when all else fails."


Officials said the training, which will last several days, will be a mixture of karate, judo and ju-jitsu.


"The crews have to know how to deal with trouble on board flights," he said. "We are very supportive of the program."


LaFlamme said the self-defence technique was discussed at a meeting last month between Transport Canada, RCMP, airlines and unions.


"They (crew) will be trained in basic martial arts techniques," he said. "They may not be required to demonstrate their knowledge."


Transport Canada officials said information on the training wasn't available yesterday.


Union officials said the federal government is expected to approve the training, which will start this fall.


U.S. flight crews began their self-defence training in April last year.


Crews there are also issued tasers and some pilots are deputized to carry firearms.


Meanwhile, a national airport pass system will begin this fall to monitor pilots and airside employees with access to jets.


The system will ensure employees stay in restricted areas of airports and that strangers cannot access aircraft.


LaFlamme said employees will be issued new security cards that when scanned will show a photo of the holder, the person's name, thumbprint, biometric feature, personnel records and security clearance.

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Having been an instructor in same for 40+ years I can say to them "don''t waste your time". What will be taught will be a series of choke holds, throws, hits, some pressure points and arm locks. They will gain enough knowledge to get themselves into a world of grief. If taught anything, it should be 2-3 things that will kill or permanently maim instantaneously. They teach no such things in these types of classes as most people find them offensive.

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Agreed, I think this will just give them a false sense of security. I studies Aikido for 3 years and got just below a brown belt, and in a fight, I would have used self defense teqniques stuff more than a formal martial art. (Aikido style techniques are often taught to SWAT and stuff cause they are defensive without doing too much damage to yr opponent.)


Now holds and breaking holds might help for unrulely passangers. Terrorists... I know a few things that might help if they just had a knife, but in those close quarters, anyone attacking and defending is gonna get hurt. (And I am 6''4" @ 215 lbs) I can''t see the 110 lb stewardess doing this.


This to me is nothing more than passager pacification, and making the general population feel (falsely) safe.

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Correct. What they need to be taught is simple things i.e a common ball point pen or pencil, held the correct way, can be used as a weapon........to be thrust fully into an eye socket. These items are plentiful and common on any flight deck or in any airliner''s galley. They are also very innocent-looking and would seldom be confiscated by anyone.


Training the average flight attendant or pilot to use pencils in such a manner would be extremely difficult. Quite frankly, the vast majority find it revolting. Therein lies the problem. They should leave the rest to Stephen Segal and Chuck Norris. Perhaps if they studied their craft 7-8 hours a day for decades like these gents, they MIGHT attain some proficiency.

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"LaFlamme said the self-defence technique was discussed at a meeting last month between Transport Canada, RCMP, airlines and unions."



juliet charlie!!!... if THAT''S the best plan this lot can come up with, we''re in serious sierra in this industry!


we might as well just be doling out "doobs" at the x-ray machines and let ''em all fire a couple up in the lounge prior to boarding...




U.S. carriers are threatening to become the popular choice... given their professional response to pax safety.

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Guns may or may not be the answer. Being able to put 5 into a bulls eye, combat course silhouette or such, during practice is not the same as the target shooting back. It usually happens within 12'', dim light conditions, adrenalin flowing and blood pressure escalating. With all this happening, one would truly be amazed at what a poor shot one becomes. These ideas are all being formulated by people that have never been in that situation. It''s like the Pope advising me on how to be a father or deal with my family. What''s he know about it?

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