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Electra Crash - Cranbrook BC

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Guest graunch1

News in YYC tonight said that the Electra had a crew of two on-board. I guess AirSpray flys them that way but the aircraft original Type Certificate was for a three person crew.

The Flight Engineer who monitors the fuel, pressurization and the power levers on TO and they must have changed their procedure when they modified them into water bombers.

Be interested to see what happened if it was mecanical or human error

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It seems there was a power line strike involved which doesn''t, of course, preclude there having been an earlier problem. It would be foolish to make assumptions at this stage, but after a number of drops in the same area, the aircraft seems to have made a lower run and struck the power line, which could certainly have been precipitated by some other problem. Let''s just hope they can produce some conclusive reasons as the investigation progresses.

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A terrible tragedy, they were a very experienced crew. I knew the Captain pretty well.


Speaking to a friend who is involved with the investigation, there was no mention of a power line strike. There was eye witness accounts that I saw saying that they flew low over some power lines, ( on the local news reports). But from what I understood the power lines were some distance away from the actual crash site. They are not focusing on that as being the cause of the accident from what I was told.


I can't make any further comments on it, but apparently the preliminary report should be out be for too long.





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