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Canada''s Aviation Headquarters lacks excitement

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Hey all!


I was wondering if we could get more active within our forum community here.I noticed there are about a billion and a half good pilot sites out there (only the Canadian ones matter). And alot of them are really active amongst their users in terms of knowing and meeting each other.


I propose some sort of meetings or contests to attract more pilots, and to build a real network. www.Jetthrust.com the other pilot site i am a frequent visitor in has almost a monthly meeting amongst its members to speak about up coming jobs and to really network.

They also get a monthly draw for 100$, 50$, and 25$ for thier users. We have alot of sponsors as well, maybe we could get doing something along those line. (i won last months grand prize! :-p )


Anyways just a thought in to maybe provoke our members to be more active within thier pilot network.


Let me know what you think!





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Don't worry, I have lots in store. My problem is right now, this forum system is limiting me on doing certain things and as soon as the problems are cleared up, we will be doing more 'exciting' stuff. Stay tuned.


You are welcome to initiate more topics too 2.gif

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yup - traffic here really bites  - I have tried afew times to start good topics that everyone should have wanted to participate in, and few bothered.


see "pilot discussions" and my x-country thread.






EVERYONE should have at least one or two memorable x-country stories to share... GEEEEEZZZ.

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I wouldn't say "it bites". Traffic here is quite good and we have more posts per day then the other forum mentioned above. The catch, is to get the fixed-wing flyer's talking. This will come in time I am sure. My one focus right now is the new forums, once they are released, lots will begin to happen. Keep spreading the word though.

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I know what you mean. Since I was involved with the CanadianAviation.com web site it would have been a conflict for me to post that I was moving over here and that this site would be open. Believe me, I wanted to. Since I left, they felt that they did not want to run the message boards any longer. If I had known that, I probably would have said more.


The GA side seems to be slowly building. Unfortunately, there are problems with this message board system that makes my job more difficult. I am really hoping to get the new system up as soon as possible but it is no easy task.


We are only 4 months old, I am sure in time, this will be the place to be.

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I am just used to the activity at the old canadianaviation.com forums.

It had a fair amount of daily traffic and there were lots of GA types talking.

That site died mysteriously and suddenly, and it would have been nice if this forum could have been marketed more to that crowd before the site went away - I think alot of the GA traffic from that forum didn''t make it over here.

Anyway - I have faith, I''l stick around here

- hopefully this can become the leader for canadian aviation discussion.

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Since I''ve been here and on the previous site, I have met some of the most amazing people in our industry. I have met many of them in person as a result of this site: 407 Driver, RandyG, downwash, flinger, 4961, jump immediately to mind.


We have:


- helped each other with various problems and issues that have arisen,

- initiated a golf tourney,

- planned get-togethers at conferences in several cities,

- some of them have been welcomed into my home when passing through,

- SheTD and I will be welcomed into many of theirs as we spend our month touring BC on my bike later this summer.


Works for me - great job Kyle.

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Thanks CTD. With the new forum system, we will have a calendar built in so you guys can plan your get togethers and beer bashes easily.


BC on a bike, eh? Now THAT sounds like fun. That is one of those quiet desires I have always had. Did a trip between the Soo and Wawa a few years back. Of course it is a shorter ride, but I just realized you are probably talking about a motorcycle - meanwhile I was refering a pedal-cycle. Either way, that definitely would be a good ride - one with less sweat of course.

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