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Landing Accident

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this report came out several days ago, several PD's are training their mechanics to understand "simple" flight menuvers ie slow speed/hovering manuverings.


this case was when they were teaching him hovering skills


the mechanic in ? has been with the department for a long period of time and was willing to be trained to understand how the craft flyes.


the PD was in on this and assumed the risks involved in doing such training.


I commend both the department and the PIC for accepting the responsibility to train their personel for this kind of work.

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didn't the article say the mechanic was a trained pilot? I could care less now if it was a mechanic, the cook or bob your uncle....he's got a licence, so therefore to me, he's more than capable.....


so why would they make such a big deal about him being the mechanic, he's the multi hat wearing pilot/mechanic/toilet cleaner etc....

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