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Here we go again.......

I have lots of time in Astars, and loved flying them............but.........


This is an aircraft that uses the same warning horn for low rotor RPM as it does for a hydraulic failure, what's the deal with that ??


This is an aircraft that can have it's hydraulic belt installed inside-out (in the report), and even when installed correctly the belt has been known to be a weak spot for many, many years.


The report also mentioned that the pilot initially thought that the aircraft had suffered a tail-rotor failure......good luck on that one Captain, considering the throttle isn't on the collective !!


Have you ever seen these things peel open and the seats rip out of the floor during an impact ?? There's plenty of reports on that too.


Being an "armchair quarterback" isn't very professional, but it's alot safer than riding in one of these things when the manure hits the spreader !!


How did this aircraft ever get certified, and how could it continue to fly when these things became apparent.

It's interesting that all of these things are changed in more recent products from this maker.


As I said, I love to fly Astars, but I'd hate to have a system failure in one.


Okay, you folks from Tupperware Helicopters, defend your product.

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I've never understood why the OEM has never done a minor re-design on this system. All they need is pulleys capable of utilizing two belts. Instant redundancy! Some OEM's use belts to power their drivetrain......... They do however use more than one. As for certification................. There are very few A/C out in the field that could be certified under todays rules and regs. Most are derivatives of A/C that where certified under a type certicate that was issued when shultzie's nose was straight. That's just my opinion and we all know what opinions are like.

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