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Recurrent Training

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Hi Guys


I am a low time pilot, and considering a recurrentl training program....I am current to date but am looking for a refresher course, something to get me back in the air and stay on top of things. However I was wondering if anyone else have did a recurrent training program? Having just finished paying off my loans its not like I have a lot of cash to spend at this. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions what I should do. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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PJ, my first question would be, "how low time?" followed by, "On what?"


More generically, though, and in more direct response, I haven't heard of anyone offering a specific, 'syllabused' referesher course. However, if you came to me looking for work, having gotten your licence a year or so ago and put in another 50 hours or so immediately afterwards, I'd like to see you with an absolute minimum of two recent hours on the lesser type(s) we operate, of which at least half would be on emergency procedures. After 2 hrs., I'd like to see some focus on aerial work applicable to the type (e.g. slinging, perhaps even longlining). I'd almost certainly give you more of the same, but not want to have to start from 'square one' again.


There are probably lots of other, and better, answers out there, but that's my 'rough cut.' B)

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When I first got my ticket, it was at least 8 months of pounding on doors before someone decided to take me up for a spin. For some maintenance reason, an aircraft wouldn't be available until after the weekend so I went to a school and bought another hour for abit of a refresher, not so much to make myself more attractive to my potential employer (as if that extra hour over everyone else would make a difference), but to lessen the chances of me making a complete fool of myself when I picked the ole girl up into the hover. It certainly gave my confidence a boost and I did get my first job after the "ride".


To get extra endorsements or some new skills under your belt would be a great thing, and would definitely aid your search for employment, but just to give yourself a few more hours isn't going to help that much, unless its too keep up some level of currency for your own sake.

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I was wondering if some of you can give me some advicements!

I haven't flown since 3 years because it took me so long to get my permanent residence visa.Now I'm moving to Canada Alberta end of september !

What would you recomend to get started again? I have 90 hours R22 and 30 BH06!

Wich Schools can you recomend in that area and what is better get R22 hours or is it better get BH06 hours but not that much?


Thank's in advanced,


Hopefully it will not be to hard after not flying that long???????? :rolleyes:

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Toni, there are good schools in Edmonton and Calgary. Some other towns also have schools. I won't give any names because you should go to talk with the schools near your new home to decide which one you like.


I think you should get 206 time, this will help you get a job, which is the hardest part.

If the new boss wants you for an R22 job it will be cheaper for him to get you recurrent on that type, than if you were to get R22 time and he wants you for a 206 job.


Good luck.

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