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100 ft. ----the maximum sentence you can receive under the Canadian Criminal Code IS 25 years. There used to be one bigger sentence and that was being imprisoned under "A Govenor-General's Warrant". That meant that you were deemed 'encourageable' and would only commit again. In such a case you would be held 'at the pleasure of the Govenor-General'.



You may receive more than one life sentence of 25 years and if served 'consectively', you could indeed spend 'life' in prison. If served 'concurrently', then that meant you could serve all the sentences at the same time, i.e three sentences of 25 years each, served concurrently, meant you served only 25 years. a sentence of Life has NEVER meant 'life' in the history of Canadian juris-prudence. If you understood differently, you understood wrongly. If you feel that you know differently, please quote the Criminal Code Section as I have Snow's Canadian Criminal Code next to me(with amendments).

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