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Buying A Helmet

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I agree about the customer service. Seeing how I'd be ordering over the phone or possibly the internet their going to need to know their stuff and be able to sell it to me. If not, I'll go elsewhere.


Why would you want dual visors opposed to just one? It makes the helmet a little more heavy and bulky is what I've heard so does having 2 make it worth it?


The HGU-84 looks like a nice helmet.

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Two vs one?? Well, it depends on personal preference to a large extent. As you say, two makes it heavier and bulkier as well as more expensive. However, if you don't want to mess around changing visors for different flight conditions, then maybe it's worth two. For example, going from a dark lense to amber for lower light. Dual's can be bulky, but it depends on the helmet. The HGU-56 is bulkier than the HGU-84 no matter if it's single or dual. Some guys like the bungee-on visors too as they can be removed easily.


Keep asking around and decide what's best for you is probably the best way.

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A search within these forums will yield a ton of information.


Basically, and I'm sure I'll get various varying feedback here....


The Gentex helmets, the SPH5 is pretty much the standard you'll see, but there are plenty of others. The shell on the Gentex helmets is in my opinion the heaviest of the lot, and of course offer the best protection and lifespan, depending on what it's used for. I was extremely rough on my helmet during longline ops, generally in 206s in the right seat, forever banging the darn thing on the door frame, or on the overhead levers in S61's. Held up extremely well.


The Alpha helmets, the 200 and Eagle, are lighter, more comfortable but not as durable.


The Gallets I've heard are very light but not very durable at all.


Comfort is relative as well, helmets have different fits and we all have different heads, you'll find guys raving about this one and hating that one, but it's quite subjective and it's great to try them on and wear them a few hours before deciding. (It'll feel great trying it on for five minutes, but 4 hours of flying later.....)


Single visors are cheaper and lighter, and all I ever needed in the bush. But I like the clear visor for night ops when you are outside of a running aircraft (EMS or offshore) although some guys like them down while flying for birdstrike protection when the dark visor isn't required.


As far as service, I've always done my own and never had to send a helmet back for repair. A bit of soldering knowledge, or an engineer pal who's got some avionics background, can wire up some different impedance earpieces or fix a cord in a heartbeat.


I wore an old single visor SP4 for 10 years, a dual visor SPH5 for 10 years, and a Bose X headset for the past few, but I'm now waiting for a Alpha Eagle to be delivered! PM me if you are interested in the SPH5.

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