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Flinger! What The Hell Are You Doing?


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Met yer pal T5 last night. I passed on your message but not in your exact words. Didn't think it was the best way to introduce meself. Not a bad guy... fer a Canadian.





Figured it out. :D Nice to put a face to an alias. Tell SS I'll have a fax in my hand in a few days and I'm looking forward to that free KEG meal. (Take all his bets. I ate and drank for free all summer :up: )

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Fling -thanks for blowing my cover dude, I only thought Mr. A.O. knew who I was

( Hey A - how's it going? ). Anyway, I was thinking of coming up with a new handle as I haven't seen a T5 at or near limits for a couple of years! Maybe if i had more bush time :D


Flinger - give me a shout at your convenience.I will be sure to have a drink or 5 for you at CTD's on Saturday.

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That's if you have time to get five drinks in you before T5Wife drags you away :rolleyes:


Just as a heads-up, we'll be smoking some cat food (salmon) that afternoon, and chowing down on some of my home-made chile jelly with paté for appetizers. B)

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Mr. T5whatever....prior to your arrival at the CTD chalet please ensure you and the Mrs. have taken your Claritin. Not because of the fat cat who lives deep in the bowels of the mansion, but for all the ducklings who were sacrificed to stuff SheTD's couch and "Love Seat" :P


As for the catfood mousiour will be serving vouay :rolleyes: ...let it be a good start for some real cat food that I will serve when alas we meet after the snow flies in the backyards of YOW. B)


Trust me, CTD is the ChefByVardy of Newfoundland and Labrador :up: .... but he knows jack about smoking fish and word on the street is SheTD is catching onto this!!! :shock: Please don't tell him, it'll shatter his world. :hide:


By da way...please check my stock of the Captain, lower shelf, isle 2, row 4. Help yourself. :wacko:


Hey Hightower....what time does your flight arrive YQM on Sunday?? Spose you'll want a Jiggs dinner cooked??

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well longranger i don't get to your neck of the woods until 2300 hrs, so jigs dinner will have to wait a day or two. forgot to tell you there is a test at the end of my visit... wonder if ctd could get his monthly hours in and take the red rocket down our way for a visit. that be about a years flying for him..working tomorrow, will give you a call. nice snap you got there. still need a name change..

have a great day

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Mr. Longrange-dude,


I saw yer rum but I think the bottle was empty. Sorry 'bout that. The CTD-omatic was slicing,dicing, but no julienne frys. Wicked chicken marsala, and a fine serving of smoked salmon however. Not bad for a coaster! (Sorry again about the dogs there dude). Almost forgot breakfast - it was good too but the hashbrowns are better shredded-more surface area for butter to cling to.


Flinger, call me Wed. CTD and I talked about you. :blink:



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