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Astar Seat Cushions

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i don't want anything stiff near my cheeks......


I find the stock seat cushions in the A-Star too thick for long-lining. I bought a gel seat pad from Canadian Tire for 30 bucks. It's about 1" thick and has a non-slip bottom, so it doesn't move around on the fiberglass seat base. Using this pad drops me down about 2-3 " (depending on whether the particular machine I'm flying has 3" or 4" thick seat cushions). This allows for a more cumfy position. I can lean a little further towards the door pillar, while pushing my butt a little further back and to the left, riding up along the lip of the seat base, and allowing me more freedom of movement with my left hand on the collective (it's not as far to reach).


I've grown so used to this cushion that I don't feel comfortable flying with anything else. I just did a 2.5 ferry returning from a job today and no sore butt or back... :punk:

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i'm with skidz on the gel. gel absorbs vibration too unlike foam that increases vibration, thats why the sore numb butt. gel is lower too and constantly moves with you. far superior than foam. if u'r tall i've seen guys take the seat cushion right out of the astar and shave down the back foam. got to be comfy!

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