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Whats This Camera For?

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A friend of mine is a AME S, and he just finish fabricating a camera houseing and computer/monitor mount for a CHC Puma based out of Halifax.


He is going to be flying out there in December to do the install for CHC.


But we are curious as to the exact function of the unit, he was told that it was to assist in landings on oilrigs but thats it.


the camera mounts behind the right side cockpit door and faces forward and the monitor mounts above the glare shield and the screen folds down, the screen also slides up and there is a keyboard behind it.


Anybody know what exactly this is going to be used for???




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Guest graunch1
Just hope for your friend's sake this wasn't some top secret Borg project... :shock:


It seems as if it is a low-light type of camera system -- sorta like a HUD. The synthetic vision ones I have seen usually have a IR lens outside and a projector/combining glass to be used as a Heads Up Display. The keyboard baffles me as well. :mellow: Interesting question.

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Dont think have to worry bout being Assimilated by the borg, he got the ok from the boss before we posted this, so no violation of non disclosure as far as we know...


The unit is actually running a Windows XP appliance Kernal (stripped and hardened version, sposed to reduce number reboots required ;-). so if it has some form of internet connection surfing the net and checking weather is actually possible.


As for the rockets maybe that explains the order for weapons pods for the same heli... JK.


The actual camera was quite small fit quite easily into the palm of an average hand.


Cant remember who the manufacturer is, and the unit has been sent to CHC.


I figured it was some sort of low light, inclement weather approach aid. the way the monitor flips down it is similar to a HUD display, but doesnt project on to the actual glass...

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