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" The Pilot Shortage..the Pilot Shortage Is Coming

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We become successful by helping others become successful……why would anyone think any different. I hope it all works out......keep in touch



Off topic, I have 3 favorite AC, DC 3, B17 and love the PBY. I see you are involed with those wonderful aircraft. I saw a great deal of the in Mooseinee and on fires in the early 70's. Never had a ride in one......sure would like to.

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Guest Bullet Remington

The Right Rev. Padre:


I can whole heartedly understand and appreciate your position. I have experienced your current situation on numerous ocassions. I recently attempted to have a MPM approved here in Calgary. Now I've written at least seven manuals for different operators, here in this region. All told, I've writtem 27 Ops Manuals, 27 MCM 34 MPMs, 6 Welding process and Procedures Manual. 3 Composite Process and Procedures manuals, 2 Cabin Training Process, Procedures and Policies Manuals and 3 Dangerous Goods Training Manuals, since I started in this racket. The only time I've ever experienced grief from TC was here in Cowtown. When I submitted my own manual, which incidently was fairly well identical to one submitted for a different company and approved by the very same inspector, mine required 31 changes.


All of the changes were items/process/procedures not required by CARs. After 3 attempts, I talked to that Inspector's Supervisor, who assigned another inspector. 3 days later the manual was approved. Go figure.


On the same token, I do have to agree with HBD. Prairie region has some excellent Inspectors. I've worked with several, both in he Edmonton Office and in the Calgary office, all very learnered, very helpful, and most willing to sit and suffer the verbal harrassing of a stuttering half deaf Newfie. On the other hand, I've never experienced any difficulty dealing with the Inspector/s outa Toronto office. Could be because they had no idea of what I was saying to them.


As for HBD's comment re" TC's aircraft, I concurr most strongly. I did pull a wing-nut move on them and ground their Twin Otter, but after all the Hoop La, they did comply with the very dictates they are responsible for ensuring. They did start to talk to me again after a couple of months.


Oh, by the way Padre, you ever fly PBY, looks like the tail number was CF- JHK or JHR? I have a picture of that one, in Quebecair colours, just lifting of the water.


Keep the faith, someone once said, things can only get better. Probably the same SOB that coined the phrase, "Some assembly required"

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Good morning Bullet:


Please be advised I am no longer a man of the cloth, having become dyslexic I no longer believe in Dog, however I have fallen back on my old profession of a Clap Doctor, at least there is proof that VD exists.


Sorry to rant on and on about my trials and tribulations with a few dishonest scum bags here in the Lotus land Region of TC..... But what really gets to me is even the Catholic church eventually kicked out some of their child molesters when there was sufficient public pressure put on the leaders to do something.


Our illustrious leader the Director General of Civil Aviation still stands by his opinion that these guys are just great and they still have his full support....this even after it has been proven that all my allegations of abuse of power and outright dishonesty were upheld by the independant investigation that TC paid for....


Now that they have admitted they stole my money their response is I will have to sue Treasury board to get it back....sure I have lots of money **** nothing to it I guess I should start the proceedings monday.


What a bunch of pr.cks.


Boy, have we ever got snow here in the tropics.


Must go out in my garage and work on my Cri Cri and get it ready for a paint job.




Dr. Chas W. Ellsworth....VD specialist and abortion provider...no fetus can beat us.

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I have a good friend that introduced me to a customer of his,that turned out to be in the upper ranks of AON Reid Stenhouse,and I brought up the subject of low timers and insurance, and he was unaware of any criteria on their part,re low timers.So everythime I hear that line, My respect for the chief drops. I worked for a certain company,as did you Bullet,that the ops manager remarked,that several pilots were harder to insure to drive the company trucks,than to fly with less than 500 hrs.

ps,Bullet,was that welding process for the Joseph and Clara...

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Guest Bullet Remington



Nope, not for the Joey and Claria at all. I don't really like to have anything to do with ferries, if I can avoid it. :huh:


You do have me by the short ones, here Frenchie. Been trying to place ya and just can't seem to do so. Must be old timers! Here in the dark side they call me Cob (Crusty Old *******). Last time I worked with a French wrench, from NB, he called me Relic. Might that be you?? Or are you that crazy bugger that builds Harleys in his house?? :up:


You hit the nail on the head with the insurance scam. Don't cost that much to ensure a trained-on-type low timer. The problem, at least in the plank world, is the customer . Some customers demand a minimum amount of flight time, for pilots driving their loads. Indirectly, it is the insurance companies. The insurance companies for the customer (some banks) will beat the livin crap out their customer who in turm becomes your client. So, in order to nullify the hassle from their insurance company, the client demands a minimum experience level. Why a Chief driver or an Ops Manager would tell the Newbies some bull puckie story, beats me. I always tell em the truth. Some newbies I'll hire as Loadies/rampies and let them ferry, stage the machine until they get their hours up. Others I wouldn't let sweep the floor. There are a lot of variables, since I don't lnow the background on a lot of those situations, I can only comment on what I've experienced.


The company we worked at, was it run by the first man on earth?? If so, my first tour there was my last. there's an old saying , "Only a fool surrounds himself with those of lesser inteligence in order to boost the level of his own" and man, has that poor bugger have a store full of idiots!! I didn't mind the work, it was downright interesting and fun. The pay sucked big time, and the idiots managing the maintenance department were more to deal with than dealing with that idiot TC inspector based there!! :down:


Doctor Chuckie:


You probaly misunderstood the Director. You know how it works! What you thought he said was probably not what he meant. You know how it is with governement. If anyone in this country believes politicians actually run the country, they are living in La La Land! I recently wrote the Prime Minister, specifically asked that he respond to my questions. Instead I got a respone from one of his over weight, over paid and under utilized civil servants stating that my message had been received and that it was being perused for response! The damned thing was 47 words, not counting the intro! Ya think I'll ever hear from the PM? Not in this freakin life time! Ya think he was made aware of my questions?? Not freakin likely!


Anybody who believes we're livin in a democracy has his head stuck up his anal cavity! Don't think so?? Don't file an Income tax statement. CCRA (Crazed Cannibals and Rabid Annimals) will bill you for what they BELIEVE you owe the government! And just to clarify, I don't owe the government of this counrty anything! Think you own your land? your house? Don't pay the annual tax bill! Tell me then who owns it! Nobody in Canada actually owns anything. One simply rents everything from the government. Sound like democracy to you?


You gotta fight the SOBs Chuck. If ya lie down once, even if its to take a nap, they won't let you get up. They're playing a game with you. and they will continue to do so, either until you die, or give up. They're counting on you to give up. Fear is a most excellent tool. And the FB's sure know how to entice fear. It's the most effective tool they have! Never give up. If they're gonna take, make em work for it. If yo're gonna loose it to them, destroy it!


BR C.O.B and P.O.G (Patriot on Guard)

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Thanks for the response and advice Bullet.


The Director General Civil Aviation didn't actually write the letter, but he signed it and it posted it from his office in tower C......The Regional Director Civil Aviation apparently wrote it to cover his own ***.


The RDG Transport Canada admitted as much in my home when he was here last year jerking me off trying to trick me into rolling over on my demands for repayment of what was stolen from me by M&M.


The Director General however is still on the hook big time, he also started to jerk me off when I first contacted him. The problem all got bogged down when him and the guy that manages "Quality Assurance " had a meeting and decided to completly stonewall me by denying all my allegations, they must have figured that if they denied my allegations they were all off the hook. It may have worked if he had been smart enough to end his letter to me with just the statement ... I consider this matter closed......but he made the mistake of adding one last sentance....Unless you can show further evidence to back up your allegations...


Well I have done that , in fact I am still doing it.


And they never thought that I would take the unheard of avenue of laying an harassement complaint against my PMI....


That is what brought the RDG into it, I could tell by his attitude that the very fact that he came to my home was going to put me in such awe and I would be so impressed that I would agree to anything he came up with.


Anyhow the investigation he ordered not only backed up all my allegations it brought up more wrongdoing by the guys at 800 Burrard St.


Then some internal documents from TC showed up in plain brown envelopes, someone in TC started feeding me their internal stuff......


Now I have the Director General Civil Aviation in a position that he is going to have to spend a little time trying to figure out who to sacrifice to look good himself.


Don't you just love it when one of us get some of these guys by the balls, I am gently squeezing a little harder each day.


And you can go to bed tonight my son and sleep the sleep of a lamb as far as having any worry that I will quit...


Fear is a real fickle thing, when you rule through fear you had better be ready to be on the receiving end someday...especially if you are dumb enough to pick on someone who is not afraid.....


And Bullet my friend I ain't in the least afraid of these arrogant self serving bureaucrats.


Now you relax and I will keep you informed on how things go.


Chas W. (former Dr. of Divinity now just a clap DR.)

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