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When I was at Coulson TC would not grandfather the need for the instrument rating for the 61, I thought about getting a helicopter IFR than said f..k it and didnt finish the training, but did get to fly the thing, good bird....


Wished I'd had one crop spraying in the 60's instead of a Hughes 300, just imagine the pay checque with that kind of load of chemical on board.. :up:



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I had fun in it, but it's too big for me. Too much production to get the thing going, and too many people involved.


I don't think you need an instrument rating to fly it VFR (logging), I think they issue a restricted ATPL/H. Could be wrong, I don't know much about that side of things anymore.

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Out here in lotus land the regional office told the Chief Pilot of Coulsons that in that I had no heli logging experience I would need to upgrade to the Airline Transport License

Helicopters, and that also meant getting a heli IFR.... It just was not worth it to me at that time so I never finished the type endorsement...real easy machine to fly though.


When did you last have a feed of fish and brews?


Rev Chas W.

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CTD, last time I looked there was a restricted ATPL-H for aerial work only. Allows a guy to work day VFR in a 61 or so while performing aerial work only. The full ATPL will be given when all the requirements are fullfilled; ie, IFR/night time.



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Here is the posting:


Position Type: Logging

Timestamp: 1/19/2004 6:40:34 PM


Company: Croman Corporation

ContactPerson: Richard Snapp


Phone: 541-826-4455 Email: richards@croman.net FaxNo: 541-826-4730



Ad: Croman Corporation is accepting applications for the following positions in CANADA: All applicants must be a Canadian Citizen or have landed immigrant status; be willing to work in remote areas and live in a camp situation while on shift, and have or be willing to obtain FAA commercial license and FAA Class II medical. Please fax resumes to 541-826-4730. S-61 LOGGING PILOT (COMMAND PILOT) Must have FAA type rating in S-61. Must have a minimum of 2000 hours helicopter logging flight time in S-61 of which at least 1000 is PIC. Must be capable and willing to fly 8 hours per day with a copilot in helicopter logging operation on a two week on and two week off basis. BELL 206 PILOT (SUPPORT FOR HELICOPTER LOGGING) Must have at least 500 hours PIC in support of helicopter logging operations and 200 hours PIC in Bell 206B series. S-61 COPILOT Must be capable and willing to perform the duties of SIC for 8 flight hours per day, on a two week on and two week off basis.


A good friend of mine worked for that company as copilot for a few months...he was hired with 500 hrs (he also had a Faa license).

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