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Another Exciting Video

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I know you guys love these videos.......



My questions to you are......

Is this an acceptable manuevre ?

Would you like to be a passenger in the back ?

How much do you have to pay for such a ride ?


Have fun.....

When this video first circulated, I remember reading that the main rotor actually grazed the top of the tail boom drive shaft cover and came within 1/2 inch of the drive shaft. There is no telling what sort of damage was done from looking at the the video, but I'm sure the engineers would have that thing grounded for quite awhile........... They were within a fraction of an inch of being a tumbling ball of disintegration!

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Guest Bullet Remington

Idiots??? Maybe!1 But they sure do put alot of bread on my table when i have to rebuid their F/U's!!


Gotta be a better way to fly though!!. Especially if I'm in the machine!!


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