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Vortex Ring On The Move!

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Not a problem, it was my pleasure. I passed on some contact information to Bladestrike, you guys call Tom and make sure you get your tour of the Osprey, Tome is very keen to show it off and will arrange access.


I'll will be at the Basic Helicopter School in Portage, drop in if you ever drive/fly by. The invite will be open to anyone. Particularly great to see visiting helos to show the students and always fun to host someone for lunch or beers as appropriate. Anyone from these forums is welcome to drop by.


This is it, I'm unplugging the modem right after I log off. See y'all out west.



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Anyone who's lost some weight recently...I found it! :P


Well guys that was the most disorganized arrangement I've ever done. Obviously I need to be on holidays instead or racing the clock to try and catch up with folks but I truly appreciate all the kind offers ranging from coffee to food and shelter along the way.


After all that I had a safe passage and managed only one visit with Long Ranger, thanks again for the quick tour of the AStar I know you were busy. CTD no sweat, you had told me when you would be away, I obviously forgot but you are correct, the roads were awful from Ottawa to Sudbury where I quit for the night.


Driving across our great country alone one tends to have time to think, lots of time to think. So I came away with some interesting stats from my journey I thougth I could at least share with you all here:


-It took 454 litres of gas for my Jeep TJ to make the trip (approx)


-Longest single day of mileage, 1380 kilometres. I was pooped.


-Average price of gas was 73.9, highest in Levis QC at 84.9 and lowest, you guessed it good ol' redneck country AB at 67.9.


-Cars I spotted in the ditch - 9


-Percentage of time I drove with at least a 20 Knot crosswind - 80%. Very funny when you driving something with the aerodynamics of a toilet.


-Stopped by police - once leaving Sault Ste Marie - coppers stopped me cuz I had no front plate and they did not recognize my AB plate. They were very nice and all but they did do a semi-search of my belongings for marijuana. Apparently many long distance travellers smoke up. I kept my sense of humour and mouth shut. They looked about 14 years old......I just played nice citizen and drove off shaking my head and thinking how nice a joint would go about then, that only gave me the munchies.


-Animals or interesting things I spotted along the road: (no order)

--1 squirrel

--138 ravens

--374 magpies

--3 bald eagles

--8 hawks

--1 mouse (road pizza / Jeep 1 - mouse 0)

--2 bison

--3 foxes

--1 nun


-Number of large plastic bovines - 6


-Number of plastic horses - 4


-Number of plastic moose/deer - 3/5


-Number of plastic Canado Goose - 7 (not all in Wawa either)


-Number of times I pulled over from exhaustion for a nap - only once


-Amount of fast food consumed.........uh Rotorhead, when are we goin' on a diet again?


- The hug I got from my twin girls and my 10 year old boy, PRICELESS.


-Greeting I got from my 16 year old boy - Hey... (with a head nod)


-Greeting I got from their mom....none of your darn business :up: :up:

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