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Dave D

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Hmmm. SK76 driver, I've always thought about that you know, you train on one or two machines for 100 hrs, but, when you have 10 000 hours it probably doesn't matter what machine you trained on, it's all about what habits your instructor has ingrained in you that make you the helicopter pilot you are.


And L3Driver, I'm still weighing wheather or not to get a ppl. I'm starting to think that with this economy I should save that 10 grand and put it towards an education I can fall back on if for some reason I can't fly one day.



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L3 Driver has some good and sage advvice there.


you could PROBABLY get some deals on some ground school, for "favors" such as sweeping floors and such.


Ask questions to the pilots hanging around, annoy the engineers, so that they will push you onto the pilots etc.


If there is anywhere nearby that you can do that, then go for it.


One day perhaps they'll forget, and start giving you a check!




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I understand the spirit of what L3 is trying to impart and for the most part I agree but....

I've had 100 hr guys hanging around the hangar and it makes me feel like I'm being stalked!

Just 'cause a guy has 100 hrs. doesn't mean they can't be a creepy pain in the a$$!

There is also the issue of working for free and what if that individual was to be injured at the hangar while not in your companies employ? So no....I don't think that idea is a very good one.


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Id say you never know what could happen, i used to stop by a place every now and again while i was looking for a flying job. The one day the ops manager told me if i helped clean the hanger he would give me an hr in a jetbox. sure enough I started cleaning, never ended up working there but was offered a job a few months later. but like Max Continuous said make yourself known but dont be a pest.

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Thanks you guys, I live about an hour away from Penticton, but I just got my drivers license last week which means that I'll be able to go talk some of those companies around there. I still haven't even sat in one of those contraptions so hopefully this year I can get a ride, then I'll have questions.

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