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Offshore Work

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OK, here goes.


If anyone here is looking for some overseas work, I know that Areocontractors Nigeria is short now and looking for Captains.


The website is http://www.acn.aero


Ignore the ad for copilots, only Nigerian copilots are permitted, government stuff locally.


The pay is good, Nigeria sucks, and with the CHC buyout the canadian overseas tax credit will now be available.

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It varies, the neighbourhood of Euro51,000 per annum, plus benefits like pension, etc.


Sched 6weeks/6 weeks.


Bristow's is short too and I'm not sure of their info.


I think Lagos is probably the bigger s$ithole, but I'm only 2nd hand familiar with Luanda. The key for this kind of work is to realize where you are and make the best of it. The time off is great.

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If you want to convert money here is the web site.




Africa is addictive.......


Also for those of you who are mercenarys at heart just go further west along the African Gold Coast and you can live a real exciting life...with good pay.


Sadly I have learned to late in life that what I was taught about being honest and having respect for so called right and wrong was maybe not such good advice...



Rev. Chas W.

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