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Huet Manual?


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Oh Man,


What you learn at the HUET is impossible to put into a manual. I've gone fives time in four different training pools. I think everyone should do it and will pay for my son to do it when he is old enough. You cannot put a price on the value of that training. A good friend rolled his car into a river and drowned, I wonder what would have been the result if only he had been exposed to a Dunker and wave pool like Survival Systems offers.


A few points....


1. When you are upside down in very cold water, your bouyancy fools your brain into thinking it is gravity, especially if you have a floater suit on. So you think you are upright.


2. The very cold water makes it impossible to hold your breath. Even Olympic divers cannot handle the cold North Atlantic waters.


3. Wait for everything to stop moving, put your hand on your knees. Please keep calm (This is important).


4. Put your outter hand nearest the door/window on the latch or window eject lever and pull then push out.


5. Find the door frame with your inner hand then unlatch your seatbelt with the other hand.


6. Pull yourself outward. Try not to kick your co-pilot in the head on your exit. (It happens, and costs you beer, trust me).


7. Inflate your life jacket after leaving the airframe and good luck.


If you have the opportunity, please take a full course. I recently had one in a violent 3 metre wave pool and was terrified every second of the procedure, but that is why it is approved by Shell Petroleum and worth a small fortune both monetary and practically. Lots of courses are out there, HSRS, Survival Systems as well as ones that I cannot pronounce or spell that are locacted in South East Asia.


Everyone, pilot or not, should know this stuff.


Bob G

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