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Flying In Afghanistan - Through My Lens

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Hey folks,


Won't be long winded here - I certainly could be - I've been riding around Afghanistan for the past couple weeks with the U.S. Army, Air Force, and now the State Dept. Camera in hand of course.


I've ridden on, and photographed three of CH-47 airframes we Canucks are taking possession of later in Dec, shot a .30cal machine gun out of one too.... Oh, and a 3000 round/min mini-gun from the Air Force's Pavehawk, under NVG - pretty neat, especially when you hit rocks...


Been out and about in Kabul as well, shooting civilian reconstruction work, quite a city, I love it.


Here are some of the highlights - what a country, I'm thoroughly impressed. Anyway, there are about 3500 more photos... and another week's shooting.





























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Thanks guys,


Flew down to Kanadahar from Kabul today in a flight of three Huey's, nice trip. We arrived on, or 500ft above more accurately, the scene of an I.E.D. attack about 20nm North of Kanadahar Airfield. It was quite a sight, a bridge was taken out and we got there just as the Medivac guys we flew with last week arrived to take out casualties. I took some crappy shots of it, try to get them up.


Tomorrow we're heading out into the Helmand valley where 90% of the poppies are grown. The State Dept is going all out for us, and giving me a three ship flight to shoot both tomorrow and Saturday. Really looking forward to it.



Sorry Bags, the hero shot is for the personal album.... Too many folks doing too many real jobs here for me to post that in good conscience.


Not sure who is going to go out on that CHL contract here, but you should be advised that NO aircraft here move without threat detection systems, flares, and lots of weapons - even the civi stuff. Things are worse now than they have been since 2001, so I would VERY carefully consider flying a 212 here. There are a couple around, but they aren't the right machine for this place imho.


There have been a number of issues this past week that have been kept out of N. American news, so I won't elaborate, but this is not a safe place at the moment, and having any kind of predictable schedule is pushing it. I don't know what CHL is planning for accommodations and security, but I'd look into it pretty hard. Also, I haven't met a non-military pilot here making less than $200,000 with all kinds of incentives.


Try to get a few more shots up soon.



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