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A Cars Question For A Friend

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A friend had posted this question in another forum (I'll get him to convert soon :rolleyes: ) Maybe someone here will have the answer. Thanks in advance!


Been glancing at prices..


and the R22 rents for 400(+/-10) in canada


and I've found several schools in the states with


R22s for 200US = 275 Canadian..




If I had XX hours of dual US training and XX hours solo US training, can I convert the hours and get my CPL H?






Where an applicant holds a Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane or higher type licence in the aeroplane category, the 100 hours total flight time in helicopters required by paragraph (4)(a) above shall be deemed to have been met provided the applicant has completed a minimum of 60 hours flight time in helicopters, including all of the experience requirements demanded by paragraph (4)(B) above.



4b(i) 37 hours dual instruction flight time, under the direction and supervision of the holder of a flight Instructor Rating - Helicopter, including:


(ii) 23 hours solo flight time emphasizing the improvement of general flying ability and skill, including:



But 4C

© An applicant who does not hold a Private Pilot Licence - Helicopter shall have completed a minimum of 100 hours commercial pilot flight training in helicopters, consisting of a minimum of:


(i) 55 hours dual instruction flight time under the direction and supervision of the holder of a flight Instructor Rating - Helicopter, including:


So, I guess the 60hours(bold) would apply for the alternate..


But, the fact that the hours would be done out of country, would that matter? Would 60 hours in the US(37 + 23) count for my CPL H in Canada? Just go do the flight exam and pass and viola???

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I can't answer the whole question but hours are hours, the problem arises that your 'friend' has to find a willing Licensed Canadian Instructor to recommend and prepare the paperwork for your friend to do a 'ride' with TC or a designated Instructor, that part might become an isssue for him. You can't just show up on TC doorstep a do a Licese ride as per say. Maybe wait till Winnie or 412 driver come on here, they are Instructors and could verify this.

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Funny you should say that! :D


You MAY Be able to do that, but your money conversion is alittle off I think...


You have to have a training record (a PTR) of all exercises done, with a complete breakdown of your time, which have to be specific (i.e. Cross country, IFR, Sim etc)


Your best choice is either to complete your US license, then convert the licence (more expensive, since you have to do 150 hours TT) or fly all the hours in Canada.


Remember that things are not the same in the US, and they focus on other "stuff" so you may have to relearn some of the manoeuvres, and some procedures as well.


Maybe then you won't be able to make it in minimum time?

Not too sure, but I don't think that it is such a hot idea, pick a program, then stick with it. ;)

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I was fortunate to have started in aviation before flying became a very complex and difficult art to learn.


I did my Canadian commercial helicopter conversion in Detroit Michigan in a Canadian registered Hughes 269A with an American flight instructor.


It was in 1964 and the conversion from fixed to rotary wing commercial was 25 hours plus of course the written.


I went straight into aerial application with a Hughes 300 however I had several years on fixed wing aerial app. before that.


Yes I was fortunate to have flown in a more simple era before the authorities realized how difficult and complex flying these things is, boy am I ever glad that blind luck kept me alive all those years without proper training. :up:


By the way troops, I am on two weeks off at home and head back to Amsterdam on Aug. 27 to tempt fate again in an airborne machine. :up:


The very reverend. Chas W.

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