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Paul Loiselle

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Hah. So... do either of you genius's even know Paulie? Ooooor, have your lives become THIS interesting and dynamic where you just comment on any and every (and a very specific) thread?


As for "lobbing the pumpkin over of the plate" I assume this would mean that "you hit one out of the park"?? Yaaaaah, thats right, your wit is a trip around the bases, a grand slam... you're the Barry Bonds of comedy. Seriously, I am not making fun of you or anything... it's really clever material. Tell me the one about about "being new here" again. Tell it, tell it! Pleeease???


Could you recommend any other "classics" you have had that I may want to go back and read over? It's refreshing to come across a natural.



Who are you and where do you work? A great addition to this site. Glad to meet you. Givem ****.

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Hah, actually I got in, had an unbelievable career, got my shirt and fifteen years later, am pleased to say, am one of the lucky ones that got out.


In veeeey rare, weak moments, I occasionally consider dusting off my helmet and jumping back. Then, I come here, read a few posts by some of aviations great minds and remind myself quickly what I am "missing".


He said, zipping his helmet bag back up.

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