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Flight Time Vs Air Time Vs Revenue Time

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Peeshooter ------I agree totally. In years past my a/c has been "over-sold" by my own sales department and I've been left to try to make all happy. I play no "games" with billing with a customer as a result and have been known to throw in the odd "feebie" on occasion that is obvious to them. I do that because in this day and age, ALL customers including you and I want to be 'Serviced' for our dollar and sometimes if we get that we might even be willing to pay a little more or a higher rate next year, if they see the 'Service' and track-record that they received last year. Many times a contract is looked at by some "graphite commando" in some far away HQ, but often due-note is taken of the personnel that were involved and their track-record from before.


The confusion about all of this subject eminates from the F/W world and time on the ground taxing and then take-off. It should be simple for the R/W world, but for some reason there has always been a state-of-confusion that exists out there for some, even after all this time. If I move my a/c for some reason, that starts to cost money for someone the second I press the "Start" button and I charge 0.2hr for that and that ain't in any MOT handbook of "Do's" and "Don't's". I'm only required to log the time that it actually took me. It has absolutely nothing to do with Flight pay, but the DOM is definitely interested in how many times I'm pressing the "Start" button.. I also advise the customer of that BEFORE I move the a/c and WHY that has to be. If they are willing to pay for me to "hop-scotch" around some landing area or airport, then fine......BUT somebody has to pay. With the explanation made, I've yet to have a problem in that regard with regards annoyance or rudeness. It's basically all about "working-with" the customer and keeping him in the loop. I expect the same out of a tradesman that comes to my home.

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I can't remember the guy who said it first but his words where something like this..


"In this expensive business, customers are far and few between so total customer satisfaction no matter what it takes must be priority #1."


As for free bees, most of the good companies that are not nickle and diming realise that one has to shmooz the client, and the odd. 3 to the closest fishing hole half way through a contract on a weekend can have good future investment payouts in repeat business.






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