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Db Blockers

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I looked at getting a ANR kit for my helmet as well, it's pretty expensive though, and I've tried as set of lightspeed's with ANR and wasn't that impressed.

There is some neat stuff available online, Tiger performance, helicopter helmet.com, and gibson's barn, all have custom setup's for helmet's. I hear vector aerospace in Langley,BC can build you a nice helmet as well, with whatever you want.

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I don't get on these things often, but "hears" my thoughts. Talk to any helicopter pilot that's been flying for awhile, and his (and my!) response will invariably be "huh?, as strains to hear the question! Anything you can do to protect your hearing will benefit you in the long run. Interesting little run about "where have the real men gone?". Good thing it's in writing, because if you were in a slightly crowded room full of older chattering helicopter pilots, with some background music going on, none of them could hear the question, and therefore you wouldn't get any answers, and could carry on believing that there was no issue!

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What's that you say? I couldn't agree more re: saving one's hearing. I have been using CEP's for awhile now, a new pair every year, as the wires into the earpiece tend to break about once a year. As it is, I have to answer the phone on the left side as the right ain't so good no more...


Interesting article written for or by the U.S. Navy regarding ANR. The "article" available on the web (somewhere out there) postulated that the sound pressure wave generated in the earcup of an ANR equipped headset was as detrimental to your hearing as sustained exposure to elevated db's.


The article did explain the science, I do not however remember the details.





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I've used them for about 5 years now, both in the air and on the ground. My last hearing test (2 weeks ago) showed no change for the last 5 years. They are a challenge to get a flight helmet on with but if you can get the CEP put in them it would be money well spent. If anyone spends a thousand dollars on a flight helmet, three hundred dollars isn't much of a hardship if you amortize them over five years. Shop arround for sure i think if there is no change in your ear canal shape replacements are cheap, i lost one once and all i had to do was call in with my serial number and a Visa card and the new one showed up within three days, if i remember correctly.

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